Rivendell Playout - Overview


Rivendell is a highly sophisticated open-source radio automation system created by Paravel Systems. Supporting all the features you would expect from top tier radio platforms costing tens of thousands of pounds (for example multiple simultaneous users, voice tracking, automatic import and scheduling with clocks and grids), Rivendell is designed for professional broadcasters who need to allow multiple staff to work simultaneously and seamlessly as a team across multiple studios and locations.

In addition to the Rivendell’s standard features, we’ve also developed solutions to some additional essential requirements, such as remote voice tracking, allowing presenters to remotely upload music and pre-recorded shows or view logs via a simple web interface and the ability to send “now playing” information to Windows computers.

While the Rivendell software is provided completely free of charge, many stations that could benefit from its use have been put off because of concerns learning Linux and a lack of simple step-by-step installation instructions. We aim to eliminate these issues by creating a set of build notes that will help install and manage a system, with a look and feel similar to a modern Windows desktop.

Linux also offers substantial benefits over Windows, not only in stability and security, but in the ability to prevent unscheduled updates from rebooting without notice (something that has become a serious failing in Windows 10). For this reason alone we believe Windows 10 is no longer viable for use on any system as critical as a playout system. Rivendell is not only a top tier playout system, running on Linux helps eliminate these other OS related issues.

Rivendell and Linux offer huge cost savings over Windows based solutions. Not only are both Rivendell and Linux available free (which also saves money on Windows desktop and server licences), but the hardware requirements for a Linux based system are minimal. In fact, Rivendell will run well on systems with just 2GB of RAM and a Core2Duo processor (we recommend 4GB of RAM, a 64 bit processor and at least 500GB of disk space minimum).

Rivendell can also make use of cheap "consumer" soundcards to provide multiple audio feeds to mixing desk faders, allowing substantial cost savings and permitting home users to implement a fully featured system at low hardware cost. In addition many professional sound cards are supported and Rivendell can also control many studio switchers, eliminating some additional hardware.

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