The perfect Linux desktop for broadcast or general use.

Some extra settings and tweaks after install

The following are some optional extra settings and tweaks we have added to our initial install:

Important fixes for laptops:

This fixes laptops hanging if they are remotely rebooted with the lid closed:

On many laptops the reboot command will actually put them to sleep if this is done when the lid is closed (even if suspend when closed is disabled)!

This is obviously a disaster if the laptop is in a remote location.

Instructions to fix this:

sudo vi /etc/systemd/logind.conf

Find the HandleLidSwitch line, uncomment and change to:

Reboot to take effect.

Fix to allow checking the charger is connected and check the battery status via ssh:

sudo apt-get install acpi

To view the battery and charging status:
acpi -V
(NOTE capital V)

Unimportant cosmetic changes:

Remove the Mint startup and shutdown logos so that diagnostic info is visible:

sudo vi /etc/default/grub

Change the following line:

sudo update-grub

Fix thumbnails not showing for all files in File Manager:

sudo apt-get install tumbler-plugins-extra

Fix the VLC and some other icons being incorrect:

sudo mv /usr/share/icons/Mint-Y/apps apps-old